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Are you passionate about creating extraordinary experiences? Redland Ranch is seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic team. Whether you have a flair for event planning, culinary expertise, farm management skills, exceptional customer service, maintenance abilities, sales and marketing acumen, bartending skills, waitstaff experience, or kitchen expertise, we have exciting opportunities for you. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, work alongside dedicated professionals, and be part of a unique and welcoming community. Join Redland Ranch and contribute to our mission of providing unforgettable moments to our guests. Apply today and embark on a rewarding journey with us.

Top Positions at Redland Ranch:

Event Coordinator: Responsible for planning and executing memorable events, the Event Coordinator at Redland Ranch creates extraordinary guest experiences.

Chef/Culinary Specialist: Focused on farm-to-table cuisine, the Chef/Culinary Specialist showcases talent using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Farm Supervisor: Oversees daily operations, ensuring high standards of care for plants, animals, produce and fruits.

Customer Service Representative: Provides exceptional service, answering inquiries and ensuring a positive experience.

Maintenance Technician: Maintains the property to pristine condition for guest enjoyment.

Sales and Marketing Associate: Promotes the venue to potential clients, ensuring a steady stream of bookings.

Administrative Assistant: Provides vital support, assisting with administrative tasks and ensuring smooth operations.

Bartender: Crafts and serves a range of beverages, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Waitstaff: Delivers exceptional dining experiences with attentive service.

Kitchen Staff: Assists the Chef/Culinary Specialist in food preparation, cooking, and maintaining a clean kitchen.

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